FIFA 09 is the last edition of the best soccer game that you can play
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FIFA 09 is the last edition of the best soccer game that you can play. Of course, that is a matter of choice, but I certainly believe there is no beating this year's FIFA. The most apparent change this year is the pace of the game. Everything has been tweaked so that the game plays considerably faster. The first time I noticed this is when the goalie gets the ball. Usually, the goalie would take some time to gather the ball and pass it to his teammates. This year, as soon as he has the ball, he can pass it up, which is great for counterattacks. The game allows you to actually counterattack this year. Also, the players all feel more aggressive and focused. The players will struggle to get the ball at all expenses, even a red card. There are new skills that the most professional players can do. Those are hard to master, but prove to be extremely useful. Also there has been a great deal of improvement when it comes to passing and headers. Players will jump and aim to hit the ball instead of simply jumping directly to the ball. This is more realistic, too. All in all, the game has become faster, more realistic and extremely playable. This year, EA unleashed a new mode: 10 vs 10 Be a Pro Mode, where you and your friends can actually play in the same team, but only controlling one player all the time. However, the demo, which is the one being reviewed here, only allows you to play 4 teams. Milan, Real Madrid are the most important ones. There is no multiplayer except two player exhibition games.

José Fernández
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